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Comprehensive Photography

Rates for comprehensive photography are based on the size of a "traditional home" and the number of photos typically coincide with the square footage. The concept of “Comprehensive Photography” is to show a home in context; to walk a prospective buyer from the front door, through the entire home. A wide angle lens is used, capturing all the interior and exterior spaces from just about every angle.

$125 Up to 1100 s.f.

$150 1101 to 2500 s.f.

$175 2501 to 3500 s.f.

$200 3501 to 4500 s.f.

$240 4501 to 6500 s.f.

$300 6500+ s.f.

$350 Twilight Flat RateRate

Luxury Photography

Rates for luxury homes are based on how many photos are desired and the extra time needed needed to account for the extraordinary. Luxury homes often involve large outdoor living spaces, covered patios, more amenities, and they are especially known for large volume rooms with big windows & views. Plus, luxury homes are often on big lots which take more time to simply walk around the property. These extraordinary things require more time.
$190 4-6 photos
$265 10 photos
$300 15+ photos
$400 25+ photos
$500 40+ photos
$350 Twilight 4-6 photos (typical)


Go Back Out

When you need us to return for a few more.

$75 Daylight hours


3 High-Resolution images using background or green screen with copyright release for business cards or marketing material.


Lockbox Installation or Removal

Add-on to ANY photo package.



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